Verbalizing the Gospel


We are living in such tumultuous times, politically and spiritually. We live and work in a world that needs Jesus. I want to be someone who shows Christ’s love so that people may know our Heavenly Father is THE living Savior. Right now, it seems our country is becoming so insular and fearful. It’s as if we are all hiding in our own communities, instead of building bridges and connecting people who don’t think the way we think, or believe the way we believe. This year, I have been participating in a weekly Bible study with my fellow Christian coworkers during our lunch break, which is encouraging and edifying, but insular. I had this epiphany during the election season about insularity, and now I am attempting a much more outward faith. One that allows for mutual respect, openness, and love. I have had some really incredible conversations with my Muslim coworkers, where I get to hear their perspective and also share mine. My genuine hope is that as I talk to people about my faith and current events, that I do so in a loving Christ-like manner, and bring others to Jesus by showing His love in all that I do.

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