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I was set free in one conversation while drinking a milkshake. A few years earlier, my soul and body had been traumatized. From that day, I would cry and wonder how I could ever have a healthy marriage. Would the panic attacks ever go away? Would I ever sleep through the night again?

Over that milkshake, a new friend shared her story and how she made it through a similar horrific event in her life. Her words were a lifeline for me. Her life was a sign of hope for tomorrow. God had made her whole which meant He could do the same for me.

This experience was like a runner passing the baton to a teammate in a race. She completes the loop and then hands it off to the next runner. My friend passed her baton of hope by sharing her story. She was vulnerable and bold enough to reach down in the pit and help pull me out.

Today, I get the honor of passing the baton again and again to others who have been in the pit of despair. Our ministry, The Baton Pass, exists so that others can be seen and known in their quiet desperation. They can know they are not alone in their journey. This all happens at community-based events, online, and in one-to-one connections with ministry ambassadors.

We are empowering women to overcome and to be restored through the hope found in Jesus. I want to give other people the experience of the cycle of healing. My story (and your story!) can set the next generation free. So, I will continue to boldly and vulnerably pass the baton all for God’s glory and others’ freedom.

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    Leena Mausio
    September 25, 2019 at 11:51 pm

    This story has inspired me so much.

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