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When I read Scripture, I see Jesus sharing His love with the nations. From Genesis to Revelation, it is all about missions to me.

I’ve been on several short-term mission trips to various parts of the world. Each trip has enriched my life in more ways than I can recount. I was definitely blessed far more than I blessed others.

However, the Lord has not called me to full-time missions. But I can still be part of this effort. There is so much that can be done from right here at home to bless the nations.

So I became the missions coordinator for my church. I get all the newsletters from missionaries and post them on our bulletin board for people to read. Each week, we have a missionary of the week and I get their information, a photo, and prayer requests that go in our weekly bulletin and on our app so our congregation can pray. I also coordinate our yearly missions week where we bring in missionaries from all over the world to speak in our services and spend time in our life groups, sharing about what the Lord is doing around the world.

Most importantly, though, I coordinate our missions prayer effort. I have a team of people who work with me in this. Every time a missionary sends a prayer request, it immediately goes out to this team and we pray because we know that prayer changes things.

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