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When I was a child, my family was visited by people from a local church. We didn’t go to church at the time. The people who knocked on our door came with an invitation, and a bus that would take us to church.

Little did we know that our lives would never be the same after stepping foot in that first service. What I felt in that sanctuary was something I had never felt before: the undeniable presence of God. I wouldn’t be living for God today if it wasn’t for the Transportation Ministry of that church.

After many years of seeing its impact, I am now the coordinator in charge of this pivotal ministry. What we do every week changes people’s lives. I do not say this to boast; for only God deserves the glory. I am simply a vessel willing to be used where I am needed. This is how I became involved in the transportation ministry at what is now my home church. I prayed “God, what do you want me to do? Wherever you need me, I will go.” Then God gave me a burden for this ministry.

We simply drive to different areas of Flint, knock on doors, and offer people a ride to church. These are people who do not have the means to come on their own. Many have never been to church and lack the motivation to go. Given the opportunity, people begin to consider this priceless offer.

What we are really offering them is a path to hope. The theme for our church this year is “H.O.P.E. Helping Others Pursue Eternity.” I am so thankful to be able to play a part in bringing people closer to God. For four years, I have picked people up, knocked on doors, reached out to them through phone calls, done prayer walks and fasted for the people of Flint. We give what we can to reach as many people as possible through these means. Many have been saved from the efforts of this ministry. It takes a lot of dedication and time, but it is all worth it for the eternal rewards that we reap.

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