Children Labor Mission Work


Even amidst a global pandemic, the Lord’s work is still being done. I serve with Urban Impact Foundation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This incredible ministry does holistic community outreach through programs in athletics, education, and arts, focusing on building relationships and discipling students. After working as a camp counselor in the program’s education department, I fell in love with the students and the deep relationships I cultivated with them. So I decided to go on staff as a full-time urban missionary! I get to pray with families, coach graduating high schoolers about their next steps, and give out meals to those in need. Covid does not have to deter us from sharing Jesus with others or seeking out ministry opportunities. I assist students with their online classes through the learning lab education program. I even get to share the Gospel with them during lunch or recess breaks! Urban Impact also leads small socially-distanced Bible studies. Technology has thankfully come a long way, and I am in the process of setting up a Bible study group to lead virtually with the fourth and fifth grade girls that I disciple. It’s amazing to pour into youth who are hungry to dive deeper into their faith. Combining my background in social work with a passion for my city fulfills my call to minister to kids, especially during this hard time in history. There is such a great need in my city of Pittsburgh, and so I enjoy being able to help and give back! In an urban city filled with gun violence, poverty, death, and broken families, Jesus’ light and hope is desperately needed here. It’s not always an easy ministry, but the Lord wants us to take the challenge. He wants us to continuously grow in faith and dependence on Him. Since there is only one of me, yet many youth within the program who need help, the reality constantly points me back to Jesus. I have to remember that even though I have my limitations and boundaries, He does not. He is Lord and can do anything. God is in control of even the toughest situations and our prayers are never unheard. He is the One truly making an urban impact!

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