Children Overcoming Obstacles


It’s amazing how we can plan out everything in our lives to the smallest of details. But so often, everything we planned can evaporate in just one day or a single moment.

Our wedding day was scheduled for October, but Uncle Sam had a different plan. On July 31st, Duane was drafted into the military and was deployed to Vietnam. We were reeling and wondering, now what?

We got in our car and drove from Minnesota to Milbank, South Dakota where we found someone to open the courthouse since it was a Saturday and it was closed. We were able to get in and grab our marriage license. We then found a justice of the peace at 6 pm to perform our five-minute wedding ceremony. Later that night, we ate at the local drive-in, then drove back home after one hectic wedding day.

Did I ever imagine I would be married last minute in a courthouse in Milbank, South Dakota? No, of course not. But the memories we have to look back on and cherish will forever be in our hearts because we trusted God would see us through an unexpected obstacle in our lives.

Fast forward a couple years, and we were expecting our first child. However, after a couple months, I ended up in the hospital having a miscarriage. We had a second miscarriage before our first daughter was born in January of 1968. After the first two miscarriages, we had three children in three years.

All in all, we’ve now been married almost 60 years and have six amazing children, 18 wonderful grandchildren, and 15 precious great-grandchildren.

We have the most amazing family and wouldn’t trade them for the world. But, did we ever think we would have multiple miscarriages along the way? No, and we wish no one would have to. But in the lowest of lows, we put our trust in God, knowing He was there every step of the way.

No one wants to go through difficult times in their lives. But it is through those trials that Jesus has the opportunity to work in us. We must surrender our will in order for God’s will to take place.

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