Labor Verbalizing the Gospel


God has a specific way He reveals His plan to us. I feel He teaches me in a way that is similar to the unfolding of an onion. Every time I learn more about Jesus’ love, it shifts who I am inside. Most profoundly, He grows me into a better representation of Him as He peels back the layers of my selfish ways. This is what He had in store for developing our RV Park into a place of ministry.

In 2017 while traveling to be with my husband’s father before his death, we spent a night at an RV Park we frequented before. We had thoughts of wishing the property were for sale, and ironically, it was. In a time of grief, God was still showing us signs of His plan for us.

After buying the property, we went through many trials and tribulations leading to growth of our Spirits. With each challenge, we were also given more opportunities to serve. In early Spring 2019, God spoke to me and I heard, “My Word must go forth.”

I had several ideas on how to spread His Word. I sought out the little booklets of John but it would be costly. Surprisingly, God helped guide us to funds, proving it was meant to be. Then in 2020, two kind guests helped inspire another way of sharing God’s Word throughout our property. One guest donated a check to our cause after praying and discussing the Book of John with us. The second guest helped provide comfort after a dog fight and offered his lasering services.

These blessings led to Bible verses from the Passion Translation posted on boards throughout our RV Park, which we named, Welcome Station RV Park.

With much obedience and trust in His guidance, we have truly been able to build a peace dome of beauty with His presence. It’s not about money, it’s about being stewards of the park for God and creating a hospitable environment for our guests.

God unfolded the layers of our path for us in a way that created true inner transformation and gave us certainty of how and why we were meant to share our faith. Today, our park is thriving as a place of serenity and ministry!

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