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In 1998, the Lord placed a dream in the heart of two men: to see the world come to Christ in their lifetime. That year, Dr. Steve Wilkes and I decided to follow the Lord’s command and start a new type of missions organization.

Through our ministry, World-Wide Church Planters, we work in harvest areas around the world to not only see people come to Christ, but to also see new churches started. We train local church planters to evangelize within their communities and start Bible studies which lead to new churches. These new churches are then challenged to start other churches.

The ministry and reach of WWCP has been tremendous. In the years since we first began, WWCP has done ministry in 25 nations, has seen over 600 new churches planted, and has seen thousands of professions of faith.

However, He was not done with us. In 2004, we began working with indigenous pastors in areas where there were no missionaries, and this has become our current method of ministry. We do projects all around the world, but our two biggest areas of work are in Burundi, Africa and the Amazon Basin of Brazil.

In the small, war torn country of Burundi, we have found a remarkable mission field. Our first major project here was in 2004 to train 23 church planters. From this class, we saw 72 churches planted. Since then, we know of over 300 new churches that have begun in Burundi alone. God is good!

We also began work in the Amazon Basin. Our best understanding is that we have seen upwards of 50,000 professions of faith and many churches started in this area of the country. In order to reach the people of the Amazon to the Lord, we had to find a way to actually get to the people. We currently take a houseboat down the rivers and tributaries that flow off of the Amazon in order to reach the often-unreachable people groups. We believe that there are still 30,000 unreached villages in the Amazon Basin, so our work here is not finished.

It is often said that the Lord doesn’t call the equipped, but He equips the called. He placed a dream to see the world come to Christ in the hearts of two ordinary men, and He has done incredible things. As those in our ministry often say, “Let’s win the world for Christ!”

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    March 3, 2021 at 10:24 am

    This is such an amazing declaration of a commitment to God’s will. I would love to donate to your ministry, please let me know how I can do this. More grace and an overflow of the anointing upon your head and Dr.Wilkes’.

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    Ssegujja Samson
    September 12, 2023 at 7:32 am

    Praise the Lord men of God
    Thanks for the great work you’re doing to fulfil the great commission
    May God grant you abundantly and reach your desires in Jesus’s name amen.

    I’m a born again pastor from Uganda.

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