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    If you’ve truly hit rock bottom and come out of it thanks to God’s blessings, then I think you should be a light to others that are struggling. I’ve lived with no running water, had my car repossessed and sold drugs just to feed my three little kids. I hit my lowest point 11 years ago when I saw an acquaintance walking on the street. I just offered him a ride and he gave me $10 for gas. What I didn’t know is that he had robbed someone earlier in the day. He was arrested, and because he was in… Read More

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    I was a sixteen year old girl when I heard Matthew 25:36. “I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you cared for me, I was in prison and you visited me.” The verse about visiting those in prison had always stuck with me. Many years later, a group called the Gideons spoke to my church about their prison ministry. I asked one of the members after church if I could get involved in their ministry. He said that I had to be a Gideon, and I reluctantly left it at that. But three months later, the… Read More

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    Have you ever had a desire to help an organization but didn't know what you could do? That was my situation when I became aware of the Angels Charge Ministry, a faith-based non-profit helping women coming out of prisons or detention centers to transition successfully back into society. So, I started by simply providing the women with transportation, as many of the women did not have cars or licenses after leaving prison. I would drive them to work or appointments. After some time, God also opened my eyes to the overall needs of the ministry. I… Read More

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    I would consider myself a pretty ordinary person. I am a preacher's kid, married to a godly man, and the mother of two wonderful children, but a few years ago I found myself in the last place imaginable: behind bars. I did not commit a crime or break the law, but an unforeseeable accident resulted in time away from my family. I cannot begin to explain how this felt. I was no criminal, yet I was being treated as one. Despite my circumstances, the Lord never left my side. He provided me with comfort and hope. After several difficult and… Read More

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    35 years. That's how long I was dependent on drugs and alcohol. My story is one of addiction and ugliness, that God turned into beauty and a message of redemption. I was sexually abused from five-years-old by three different men until age 14. I was nine when I learned that drugs could numb the pain. I tried to commit suicide at 26, but the Lord intervened. I accepted Jesus Christ and was baptized. But even with a relentless desire to change after accepting Jesus, I couldn't stay clean. I ended up in prison in 2010 to serve an 18-month sentence. But what… Read More

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    This is our son who died in the county jail 11 years ago. He accepted Christ as a teen, but hung out with the wrong guys and got involved in drugs. Drugs became his escape. To some his story might seem heartbreaking but it is really a story of redemption. For fifteen months, my wife and I prayed that God would restore and heal our son. He did, but just not the way we had envisioned. Our son spent eight days in jail. God worked in his heart and, on the Sunday two days before he died, he rededicated his… Read More

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