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In the depths of my darkest days, consumed by addiction and despair, I found solace in the unwavering love and guidance of Jesus Christ. His divine intervention ignited a transformative journey that rescued me from the clutches of addiction and instilled within me a profound sense of purpose and a burning desire to serve others. Through my recovery and subsequent community advocacy work, I strive to demonstrate my unwavering love for Jesus Christ by embodying His teachings and spreading His message of hope and redemption.

One of the ways I put my faith into action is by volunteering at a drive-thru food pantry. As I serve the community, I provide essential food supplies and seize the opportunity to connect with individuals and share words of encouragement and faith. It is a tangible way to demonstrate the transformative power of Christ’s love.

Advocacy has also now become a way of life, serving at the North Carolina Legislative Building. My passion for advocacy is fueled by the values instilled in me by my faith in God. Guided by Jesus’s teachings, I raise my voice to support accessible treatment options, improved education about addictions, and the availability of community resources. By standing up for the brokenhearted, I embody the call of Jesus to uplift and bring healing to those who have been marginalized and forgotten.

As a Peer Support Specialist and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, I am privileged to demonstrate Christ’s love in my work on a daily basis. By providing guidance, empathy, and understanding to individuals battling addiction, I strive to be a source of hope and inspiration. Through counseling sessions and support groups, I walk alongside others as they find strength and navigate their recovery journey, all the while reflecting the unwavering love of Jesus Christ.

My faith in God has led me to take tough stands on issues affecting people, guided by His teachings and keeping His word close to my heart. Although the path of advocacy and community outreach can be challenging, through unwavering devotion to Jesus Christ, I find the courage to confront adversity and bring about positive change. Witnessing the transformative impact of Christ’s love in the lives of those I serve is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, reinforcing my commitment to His teachings and spreading His message.

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