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My love for the Lord led me to be a youth pastor. Last year, I left my doctor’s office with the news that I had cancer.

During treatment, I woke up each morning and wondered if the hours of chemo at the hospital and sickness would actually result in shrinking tumors. I remember feeling so tired and having no ambition or desire to do anything, just waiting for the day to pass.

Thankfully, I have now beat cancer twice. My cancer diagnosis and treatment has reminded me that I am not in control. It was God’s way to shake me a little and tell me that He holds my life in His hands. While this sounds scary, it’s really a beautiful thing to remind myself of daily.

The Bible talks about peace that surpasses understanding. I like to call it “the peace that doesn’t make sense” since I don’t understand how I can have peace during these trying times, yet God grants it. When I needed encouragement, I looked to the Bible and reminded myself of truths like, “God is my strength.” I asked God to help me remember this truth and make it be bigger than my negative feelings and circumstances. This perspective was huge in getting me through the rough days.

God has also used my cancer to better love and lead my students I oversee and teach at church. One of the greatest ways to lead is by example, and my kids were my constant reminder and encouragement to live for the Lord through hard times. I reminded them (and their families) that sickness is a part of life, and that we need to pray through scripture and lean on our brothers and sisters. They saw me act on this multiple times as I asked them for prayer.

I thank God for His goodness and mercy in healing me. I hope to use my new knowledge and understanding to encourage and serve others that have been where I have, and continue building up our future generation to love and serve the Lord.

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