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  • Church Activities Overcoming Obstacles Unique Ministries


    When I was 36, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband and I had been in college ministry with Campus Outreach for a decade when this very difficult time hit in our lives. We also had two young sons. I had spent many years walking with God and studying his Word, but this painful challenge came as a shock to our lives and our faith. I wrestled with God through surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. There was plenty of suffering, but we stood on the truths we had learned and taught others. After several harrowing years, I was blessed to be… Read More

  • Church Activities Loving Your Neighbor Unique Ministries


    If you have seen comfort dogs on site at crisis situations, then you've probably seen a member of the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog ministry team---a network of volunteers and dogs working together to bring compassion where it is needed. This powerful ministry officially began in 2008, but God was working on it even before it became "official." When Hurricane Katrina hit, the LCC Disaster Response Team set up a disaster triage. The team was asked to perform search and rescue for people with animals as many people were refusing to leave their flooding homes without their pets. The team saw firsthand the… Read More

  • Church Activities Senior Citizens Unique Ministries


    I was a pastor of the same church for over 50 years. In that time, we moved from a small store front property to a large building that sat 500 in the sanctuary. And we ended up filling every seat on more than one occasion. By the time I retired, the church had grown to where it had two services to meet the needs of the growing congregation. The Lord certainly did some amazing work while I was pastoring. Since retiring, though, I have found that the Lord has even more for me to do. My days aren't as full as… Read More

  • Children Church Activities Unique Ministries


    It's so important that we pass on everything we have learned to our children. And that's because they are the future leaders. But can you imagine a bunch of leaders who do not have an education? I teach a Sunday school class of about 40 kids here in Ghana. The majority of them do not go to school at all and can't read or write. For that reason, it's hard to teach them Bible verses and English songs. It's sometimes hard to imagine what their future will be like with little or no education. This unfortunate situation makes me very sad. They… Read More

  • Church Activities Loving Your Neighbor


    About five years ago, I started volunteering as a door greeter at church. It was fun since my whole job was just welcoming people into church. Since my son was in high school and my husband served in a different ministry, it was a simple way for me to be involved at church without any added stress or preparation at home. About six months after I started working the doors, I realized what I was doing was an actual ministry. Before this, I saw myself as just opening the doors for people and helping them get to where they needed to… Read More

  • Church Activities Verbalizing the Gospel


    As a pastor in Ghana, it pains me to see how few people follow or even know about Jesus. You can see it in the traffic patterns. During the weekdays, there's a lot of traffic in town whilst on weekends, there's very little traffic. A lot of people take their work more seriously than God.

    But some others just haven’t heard the good news of Jesus. It struck me that only about 50% of the population of my region go to church regularly on Sundays. So I thought, how can we reach the other 50% to let them know how… Read More

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