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  • Children Church Activities Mentoring


    As a father of three, my life is pretty busy. My evenings are filled with volleyball games, track meets, and dance recitals as I work to be the best dad I can be. Wednesdays nights, though, are my sacred time. Those are the evenings I spend as the Royal Ranger Commander at my church. When my son turned six, he joined our local Royal Rangers program. Since I wanted to spend time with him, I decided to become the leader of his age group. Each Wednesday evening, I work with a group of boys teaching them life skills as well… Read More

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    I've played the piano and organ in churches for the last 50 years. I began playing piano at my church when I was about 15 and have continued doing so ever since. Every Sunday, I have found great joy behind the keys at my church. I spend hours pouring over music for Sunday's service. Each week is a wonderful challenge in finding just the right songs to encourage and inspire the congregation. In college, I discovered an even deeper love for music when I was introduced to the organ. I decided to study music and spent almost every waking moment between… Read More

  • Children Church Activities Prayer


    I started teaching the three-year-old Sunday School class when I was only 16. For the last fifty years I have seen countless children come into my classroom. Some were scared and cried for their parents for weeks. Others marched in ready to play. Some came from wonderful homes where the peace of God permeates all members of the family. Others came from broken homes and lived in turmoil. Some from wealthy families where all their needs were met. Others came to me hungry and dirty wearing ill-fitting shoes. All were in need of love, compassion, and God's grace. More… Read More

  • Church Activities Food Homeless


    I didn’t become a believer until I was an adult. I always believed there was a God, but the idea of Jesus dying for me was foreign. A couple of friends from work pestered me incessantly to go to church with them, and one night, I finally did. I heard about Jesus and what He did on the cross, and remember repeating, “Jesus died for ME” hundreds of times. As it sunk in, I became more and more in awe of what He did and decided to give my life to Him. I’ve made wonderful friends through my church, and been… Read More

  • Children Church Activities Verbalizing the Gospel


    My search for the truth began in earnest when I became a father. My son’s birth made me wonder more than ever: Why are we here? What is the meaning of this life? I'm from Russia and I was born Jewish. I thought Christ was not for me. But I started reading the Bible, and the story of Jesus touched me. A woman from a Russian-speaking church was sharing the Gospel in a park, and I happened to walk by. I had so many questions! She wasn’t used to someone coming up to her voluntarily. She usually was the one to… Read More

  • Church Activities Mission Work Unique Ministries


    Rome, Georgia is like most mid-sized towns in the Bible Belt with a church on nearly every corner. But many people may never enter the doors of a church. Since they are staying away, they are not hearing the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. Broken lives are everywhere. Drug abuse and alcoholism are rampant. If people aren’t coming, why not go to them? So we started the Community Church Ministry where we take the church into neighborhoods. Several years ago, I dreamed I was in a large house, and many people were there. The house… Read More

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