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    I don't think we, as Christians, were called to "sit and soak" at church, so I explored ways to get involved on Sundays. After seeing all the needs, I started volunteering with the baptism team. On the first Sunday of each month, we get to church early to set up everything for the baptisms: the tables, the signs and the special bags that we hand everyone getting baptized. Those bags include the clothes to wear during the baptism, towels and toiletries. We gather everyone who will be baptized and give them instructions. We even get the privilege of praying with them… Read More

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    For years, my husband and I taught Sunday school. We were both very outgoing and loved to pour ourselves into other people. We found a great way to do this was to lead a class of married couples. At first, it was rather intimidating, having to speak in front of others, knowing that our marriage had its share of struggles. But we loved the Lord and honored Him in our marriage, and that is what we wanted to pass on to these younger couples. For over thirty years, we led various small groups of people that were usually… Read More

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    I love to serve and help others. A few years ago, I became the "Community Missions Coach" at my church. I wanted us to get involved in the schools around our area. I began looking for volunteers to help around the low income schools within our community. And now, we do yard clean-up, painting, washing the playground equipment and planting flowers. We've even purchased new trash cans to go in front of the school. Our focus is to support the school staff and help the students have a school they can be proud of, all in the name of Jesus. People would ask,… Read More

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