Mission Work

  • Children Mission Work


    From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to be a missionary. Finally, God opened a door for me. After spending 30 years in special education, I retired in August 2015 and began working with Real Hope for Haiti, a medical mission primarily serving malnourished children. I homeschool the children of the missionaries serving at RHFH. After my teaching responsibilities end for the day, I am blessed to have opportunities to love and serve the precious children healing in the clinic. I spend nine months of the year in Haiti and then come back to the United States… Read More

  • Mission Work Overcoming Obstacles


    I really hate to fly. Over the years, I had developed such an anxiety, followed by panic attacks. Especially now. Especially alone. Why would I go on a mission trip? Not with all the political unrest in our world. But God has given me a gift. I am a Nurse Practitioner. I can deliver babies. I can administer prescription medications. I can perform medical exams. Why not use these gifts to help others, who otherwise, may not receive it? Proverbs 3:27 says "Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your… Read More

  • Food Mission Work


    Foreign mission fields are closer than you think. Throughout our lives, we have gone on short-term mission trips around the world. Our trips to extremely poor places enabled us to understand hunger and the effect it has on children. Five years ago, after a trip to the smallest villages in Kenya, we realized that the percentage of hungry people in Central Alabama was the same as in Africa. After much prayer, we began to share a few bags of food from our pickup truck to some of the most food-deprived children in our county. We discovered that government programs are unable to meet… Read More

  • Children Mission Work


    A few years ago, I accompanied my husband to a meeting about Vapor Ministries which helps bring major changes to third-world communities immersed in extreme poverty. I am a retired paramedic and teach at a community college, so I thought I was going just to provide moral support to him. Little did I know that I would become so involved with this ministry. I began by volunteering at their thrift store, and then became coordinator of one of their ministries. It's a child sponsorship program that aims to break the cycle of poverty through assisting the… Read More

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