Mission Work

  • Financial Help Labor Mission Work


    I am a dentist. It's a small thing, really, but helping people with their dental hygiene is a passion of mine. I know that my patients' dental health reflects their overall health. It's why I check for types of cancer and other diseases with every visit. When I decided to open my own practice, I wanted every part of the building to reflect my love for Christ. The light fixtures have vines on them representing abiding in the vine, the art represents various parts of the fruits of the Spirit, and the music played is instrumental hymns. Every morning, the staff… Read More

  • Adoption/Foster Care Children Mission Work


    My husband and I had finally finished the paperwork to adopt an American child. We discussed what we should do before becoming new parents. I had previously gone on several mission trips, and we decided to experience this together. Our church youth group was going to Haiti about six months after the massive 2010 earthquake. We had no practical or medical skills that could meet their needs but God was prompting us to go. I asked my husband, "What if our little boy is in Haiti?" But we both knew that would be… Read More

  • Mission Work Verbalizing the Gospel


    The Bible says it won't be easy to follow Jesus, that we'll be subjected to ridicule and scorn. I have sure experienced this throughout my life. When I decided to give my life completely to Christ thirteen years ago, this was strongly challenged by the people closest to me, especially my parents. "Why move to a different church?" "Why give your tithes when we are also in need?" The questioning was constant. The church I joined in the Philippines had very few members and rented a small space where the ceilings and walls needed significant repairs. Despite insulting remarks from… Read More

  • Labor Mission Work Verbalizing the Gospel


    I encountered Jesus at the darkest point in my life, and it is only by His light that His purpose was revealed to me. It was when I suffered from major depression in my early 20's. At that moment, I believe God called me to completely surrender my life to Him; and through faith, I was healed. Since it’s my second life, I asked God to use my testimony to help others that were suffering. I continuously sought His guidance. He led me to the Middle East. When I arrived here, a former drug addict invited me to his church. I was amazed at how… Read More

  • Children Mission Work


    Sometimes God gives you stepping stones to build up courage to do something scary. For me, that began when God opened my eyes to the suffering in the world. But, I did not even know where to begin. Plus, it was scary to think about leaving everything I knew. However, when a friend asked me if I would regret not going abroad after God gave me this desire, I knew I would. God used this conversation as another stepping stone. Then, I took the next step and attended a job fair that very week. It was at this job fair where I… Read More

  • Homeless Mission Work Unique Ministries


    My husband and I live in Ashkelon, Israel. We serve the homeless, the drug addicts and prostitutes in the streets of Tel Aviv. These young men and women don't know God when they first come in. They don't know that God can change lives. My own relationship with Jesus started when I was in a car accident back in Ukraine in 1993. I heard the doctors say I would be crippled for the rest of my life and, in my despair, I prayed for the first time, "God, if you exist, help me recover so I do not have to… Read More

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