Overcoming Obstacles

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    I've always been drawn to kids who were hurting. Maybe it's because I didn't have anyone to talk to when I was struggling at 12 years old. And, back when I was growing up, you did not go to counselors for help. Instead, I talked to my horse, Princess. One summer day, God spoke to me and put it in my heart that I would eventually start a ranch for hurting children. Many things have happened between that time long ago and today. I worked in business, with at-risk youth and as a special education teacher. But I didn't forget what the… Read More

  • Overcoming Obstacles Prayer


    When I heard the first shot, I assumed it was a nearby tractor backfiring. By the third shot, I was down. I started to crawl through the infield dirt to get away. But I couldn't make it far. The bullet had struck me in the hip, shattering bones and piercing internal organs. What should have been a fun Congressional baseball practice with my colleagues turned into a shoot-out between the United States Capitol Police and a gunman. Yet, even in the midst of the chaos and sounds of gunfire, I felt a sense of peace that I was in God's hands. I… Read More

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    When I was 36, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband and I had been in college ministry with Campus Outreach for a decade when this very difficult time hit in our lives. We also had two young sons. I had spent many years walking with God and studying his Word, but this painful challenge came as a shock to our lives and our faith. I wrestled with God through surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. There was plenty of suffering, but we stood on the truths we had learned and taught others. After several harrowing years, I was blessed to be… Read More

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    On the Sunday after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, I got up to go to church but I couldn't make it out of my driveway. I was stuck in my house for hours and saw television reports all morning about how fellow citizens were trapped in their houses with nowhere to go. I knew I had to do something. I decided we were going to use our two furniture stores as rescue shelters. We posted a video online and used our social media to tell people they were welcome to stay in our furniture stores as long as they needed. We let… Read More

  • Hospital Mentoring Overcoming Obstacles


    When I look back on my life, I can see God's hands along every step, even when I experienced a rare brain tumor. Life was going along wonderfully. My wife, son and I had just adopted our 12 year old son from Colombia. I was doing well in my real estate job and even training for a marathon. One morning, I went out for a run and became extremely dizzy. If not for a park bench, I may have collapsed. I found my way home and thought it was just a chemical imbalance. But my wife convinced me to go… Read More

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    When she was six years old, my daughter, Erin, was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease: FSGS. Her disease causes her immune system to attack her kidneys, and slowly, they fail. She is nine now, and we remain hopeful and have faith that God is able to sustain her. But, it isn't always easy. When Erin was first diagnosed during one of her early hospital stays, a sweet child life therapist saw her struggling and feeling down. She asked Erin what she would do if she could do anything in the hospital that day. Erin told her she would like to… Read More

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