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Geezer Mowing is a group of old guys who cut grass for free for people in our community going through a difficult time.

It began several years ago when our friend’s daughter went to Duke University for a double lung transplant. Both parents stayed with her for months, so a couple of us started cutting their grass on the weekends.

We didn’t tell anybody but someone saw us mowing and mentioned it to one of our church’s pastors. He worked with the senior adults, and would hear of older people that had become ill and unable to take care of their yard. So he started calling us when someone was going through a major illness or had lost a mate, to see if we could help them for a period of time.

And that’s how we began. We’re all retirement-age guys but God has blessed us with good health so far, and we want to help others as long as we physically can. At our age, we see how important it is to serve others, so it’s a joy to do this. We’ve now grown to a group of four guys, and just for fun, we bought t-shirts with our Geezer Mowing logo and our slogan, “We are experienced in lawn enforcement.”

We usually do a yard or two on Saturday mornings, then sit around and chat with the people. It is amazing to see how God can work even in cutting a yard.

We got particularly close to Greg. He was a veteran and had suffered a series of illnesses including COPD, so he had a tough time getting around. He had completely fallen away from the Lord. We discovered Greg needed help when a friend bought something at his garage sale. Noticing his yard was in bad shape, our friend mentioned Geezer Mowing to Greg, and asked if he would want some help. We came over, mowed his yard, and then took time to talk with Greg for about a half hour, hearing about his many challenges. We asked if we could pray with him, and then came back two weeks later. This continued for two summers and by the end of that time, Greg was not only praying for us at the end of our conversations, but had recommitted his life to Christ, was watching church services online (since he couldn’t physically make it) and tithing to a church!

We’ve truly been blessed by allowing God to use us in this way and to be able to help people in our community. We’ll keep mowing for others until we no longer can.

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    Reena Jattan
    August 13, 2022 at 4:27 am

    God bless you all for your acts of kindness and sharing the word of God

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