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My grandson, Sam, died last year when his moped was struck by an oncoming vehicle. I was completely devastated. But I have found a very unique, and healing, way to honor his memory.

Sam was a high school sophomore, and he and his buddies would sometimes go out for breakfast to a local diner before school. When we were talking one day, Sam told me, “The diner’s food has nothing on you, Grandma. You make the best breakfast.” So I casually said, “Why don’t you come to my house with your friends sometime and I’ll make them breakfast.”

He loved the idea and invited eight of his classmates over the next Wednesday. I served them bacon, eggs, pancakes and fruit. They had a great time at my house, and it was wonderful for me to be surrounded by these kids. These are the most polite and loving kids you’ll ever find. As they were leaving, they asked, “What are we having for breakfast next week?”

So a tradition started. Each Wednesday, they would show up at 7:00 and I’d serve them a hearty breakfast.

But one awful day, so much of my world changed. Sam was killed in an accident.

When Sam passed away, people did their best to comfort me. My neighbors got me some flowers and shrubs, and planted a garden in my front yard; they even displayed a picture of Sam. His friends checked on me every single day to see what I needed and what they could do for me.

You think the grief will get easier but it doesn’t. I know that God gave His only child on the cross, and He knows my pain. I know I won’t ever get over losing Sam, but I needed to find a way to get through it.

God showed me a way one day when Sam’s friends asked me if they could still come over and eat breakfast sometime.

I said, “I’ll feed you if you come.” They said, “How about next week, Grandma Peggy?”

So the next week, they showed up. About 20 of them. We gathered around my new garden with Sam’s picture and we prayed. We came inside and told stories about Sam and cried together. But then we started laughing at some of the stories about him. It was a wonderful bonding and healing time for all of us. I invited them back the next week, and even more came.

The Breakfast Club has become a weekly tradition for these 25-30 kids. My house has become a welcoming place for Sam’s friends to gather. I get up at 4:45 am to feed these hungry teenagers who arrive at 7:00. I cook eight pounds of bacon, two dozen eggs, stacks of waffles or pancakes, fruit and juice. I also do two loads of dishes because I don’t want them eating off paper plates. They are my guests and I want to treat them with the best I’ve got. Plus so many have to stand up and eat because I just don’t have the room for 25 people to sit in my house!

They share stories, food and friendship. There is a lot of love in this house because of The Breakfast Club. Faith really holds this group together. We have all found that fellowship and the Lord make the day brighter. Our breakfast gatherings are good for the kids, but also really good for me.

Opening up my house to these kids has not only helped me cope with my grief but also my significant health challenges.

I’ve had six different bouts with cancer of the liver, colon and lungs. In fact, I’ve got stage four colon cancer. And my husband has dementia and Parkinson’s. I’m taking care of him almost full-time now.

I can cry over all this or I can make the best of it. I’d rather be happy than sad. The Breakfast Club helps ease the hurt a bit. As long as I’m here, I want to take care of my people and serve others.

Sam was 15 when he died. But he created such a legacy for a kid his age. We didn’t know it at the time, but he made himself an organ donor. When he passed away, doctors took his retina and gave someone eyesight. They retired his #6 soccer number, and he now has a local basketball tournament named in his honor. Plus, before he left us, he didn’t know it but he set me up to have The Breakfast Club and all the joy that comes with it.

Every one of these kids knows they can come to my house anytime. If they ever need anything or don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents about something, they know that I am always here for them. The relationship is pretty special, and I now have about 30 kids that call me Grandma Peggy.

The Lord helped me take something tragic and make something good come out of it. The Breakfast Club has given me a chance to love and serve others which is what Jesus calls us to do.

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    Gay Dahl (lso a Grandma!)
    January 18, 2024 at 2:53 pm

    Sooo love this Peggy! What a blessing you are to Sam’s friends and I’m sure he is in heaven watching over you saying,” I’ve got the best Grandma ever!” Keep cooking and loving all those the Lord brings in your path and when we griddle up some blueberry pancakes, I will be thinking of you and praying His love and blessings over you!

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    January 26, 2024 at 12:39 am

    Wow!! I felt led by God to read and maybe journal or write something to do with the heart. After reading some verses in my Bible, I started searching online “Christian heart” and this website pulled up. I instantly came to your story. I am sitting here at 1 AM balling my eyes out. I am battling cancer and it’s aggressive. I have a 15 year old son who has autism. My oldest daughter has Huntington’s Disease and it affects the nervous system. It’s like having Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. When I tell you that our hearts have been breaking that is an understatement! We have no idea what the future holds BUT.. I keep saying Lord use me!! I don’t know how, where or when, but let this heartbreak be used for your good and keep me strong so that I can do whatever you want me to. I can’t tell you how my heart dropped when I saw some resemblances in our situations. God led me here to this page, at this very moment to read your story! He did that to give me the encouragement that I have been lacking because I have truly been discouraged with people all around me with such hardened hearts. I have even asked God what is wrong with people now? After reading your story I am crying tears of happiness. Your story alone has restored my hope that there are hearts like Jesus still walking on this earth!! You amaze me and you have given me hope that I can fight any battle that the Lord wants me to! God bless you Peggy!! I know just by reading this you are beyond amazing and it was a true honor to read your story!!

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