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As a young girl, I experienced an unfortunate childhood. Abuse was common inside our home as well as depression. I witnessed that a young girl can’t trust anyone, even the people who are the closest. Sexual and physical abuse seeped its way into my life, and I had no one to protect me.

Because of many dreadful incidents, my mind was deeply affected. I began to see in a perspective of lust, emptiness and fear. I was young with a tainted reality, an unfortunate teenage girl who sought sin. My life kept spiraling down. I was changing more and more, but for the worse.

Little did I know, God already had a plan.

When I turned 18, I took on a job and then got engaged. I moved to Alaska with my husband. My best friend would frequently call me. I noticed she was so full of joy. This was strange to me. I began to crave whatever she had. She told me about Jesus, this amazing community, and encounters with the Lord. One day, she called me to testify my brother had been freed and received Jesus. I wanted that for myself as well.

After hearing that, I cried out to the Lord and repented for everything I had done. I asked the Lord to change me, to help me become the person He needs me to be.

That night, I started to see my life change. I was still living in sin, but this time, I felt convicted. My husband and I moved back home to South Carolina. The first week back, I visited a church and experienced warmth and peace at the altar.

At another service, a man of God approached me and prayed for me. After thay prayer, God began to set me free! That day, I walked in as a sinner, someone who was completely hopeless; afterwards, I walked out as a daughter, someone that became so in love with Jesus.

I started a ministry in worship and discipleship. God sends young girls to me to speak truth into. When these young girls open up to me, I tell them their identity is in Christ, that Jesus washes away everything in their past. I want these girls, and everyone, to know they don’t need to identify with their lives, but instead with the life of Jesus.

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