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I am a recovering alcoholic. I’ve been sober now for 27 years and that’s truly by the power and grace of God.

Alcohol almost killed me. It destroyed my first marriage and I got in a horrible car accident when I was under the influence, breaking my hip.

But fortunately I got into a 12-step program, and it was there that I established a true relationship with the Lord. My life has never been the same. Being part of a fellowship of other alcoholics is like taking your medicine if you’re a diabetic—it’s vital for your health.

And I feel led to help others that are going through the same struggle. As part of my church’s mission program, I visit a local homeless shelter and rehab center. We serve the meal and conduct a chapel service. I reach out to the guys that have this addiction. I’m totally open with them. I share my testimony so I can instill hope in them that they, too, can turn their lives around with the Lord’s help.

Everybody goes through some type of struggle, and we can help one another through these dark times if we make ourselves vulnerable and “there” for others. The Lord brought me through the wilderness. If these guys put their trust in Him, they can come through it too, and lead a productive life.

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    David Griffith
    May 18, 2017 at 9:29 am

    Awesome- God rescued me also- So thankful! My beautiful wife of 41 years been my my supporter and best friend!

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