Children Labor Mentoring


Growing up with an absent father took a great toll on me, my siblings and my mother. I survived one struggle after another, but through God’s mercy, I was able to finalize my studies. After school, life was still hard, as I searched for jobs to support my family. But through all these struggles, I met Jesus Christ. My life has never been the same again.

I moved from my home in the Western part of Kenya, and settled in Central Kenya, in Mwea. This area is dangerous with a lot of gang activity. Young people all around are jobless and staying idle.

I saw how people in my church were helping get these troubled youths out of the gangs and into God’s Word. This was a great encouragement to me and I wanted to take part in this wonderful outreach. I have been training in martial arts since primary school.

I thought I could encourage the youth in my area to join my gym that I had opened, and I could connect with them through martial arts. Over time, the number of youths at my gym increased, and I got that opportunity to preach to them, sharing the importance of salvation in their lives. In return, they have gained discipline, crime came down at an unbelievable rate in the region, and they are part of my project to reach out to even more youths.

Just recently, I initiated a project to help those transformed youths engage in a farming venture on a small scale by growing vegetables and selling them for their upkeep. It is surprising to see the energy youths have if directed in the right way.

I remind them of the good plans God has in store for them. I point to Jeremiah 29:11 and tell them when it seemed no one cared for them, God loved them. It’s been humbling to be part of God’s plan to get this desperate generation away from their past lives, and see them embrace a positive life with God.

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