I am originally from Italy and immigrated to the United States when I was twenty. I love it here, but the world, and this country, is a lot different than when I first became an American citizen 63 years ago. The bickering between political parties divides the country.

I was reading my Bible early this year, and I was struck by what Jesus preached. We are to respect and pray for those in authority, whether we agree with them or not. They are our leaders. I felt God was leading me to do this. So I felt particularly burdened to pray for the President and everyone who is serving in a political role.

From that day on, I started waking up at 4:00 am to pray for all our political leaders and for the church as a whole. There are now seven other believers that are joining me in this prayer time.

Something amazing happened about a month after I began this new routine of prayer. I met a man at our church visiting from Australia who confirmed my Holy Spirit prompting to pray for the President and the church each morning. I thought it was uncanny that a total stranger would confirm what I knew to be His voice. It was like a personal wink from Jesus.

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