Overcoming Obstacles Prayer Verbalizing the Gospel


The year I entered acting college in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, I began to grow seriously depressed. I did not know the Lord then. I had always wondered what the meaning of my life was, why I was here. Now, I was facing daily criticism from my instructors, grieving over my grandmother’s death. I frequently went home crying. One day, a Christian evangelism group organized a church service at our school’s theatre hall. Who were these people? Why did they seem to have so much purpose and love? Then, they left and I went back to my daily struggle, and the pain that followed me wherever I went. One day, I went to the pharmacy with a story about needing sleeping pills. I went home and took an overdose. I woke up four days later in the hospital. During my recovery, I remembered I had gotten a phone number from one of those people who had spoken about God and saved it in my wallet. I called her. She was a pastor at a small church. When I called, a whole group came to visit me and when they prayed, the pain went away. I felt so much lighter. I started reading the Bible and my life started changing. I now realize the fact that I could have taken so many pills and survived was the grace of God. That was 25 years ago and Russia has changed a lot. They no longer allow Christians to evangelize in secular colleges. I’ve been through a lot of struggles since but God always leads me out. Nowadays, I visit a nursing home for the elderly and disabled. I remember how God entered my life and filled it with happiness and purpose, and I want to share that. There are young men here who were born paralyzed and they have no visitors. Some of them are orphans and have moved directly from the orphanage to the nursing home. They have never had a family. I visit them and bring flowers or snacks. I read the Bible to them. When they have a birthday, I try to bring something special. I cannot admit to the supervisors that I am here to share the gospel. I would be thrown out. Russia is becoming more intolerant toward Christians who speak about their faith. Many of them ask me to read about Jesus or the Psalms which I quietly do. I want them to feel like somebody loves them. And I want them to know the amazing God that I know.

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    Caroline Cerovsky
    October 25, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    Great testimony, and work that you are doing evangelizing and visiting those that have no family bringing them gifts and good news of the gospel. May God continue to use you for his kingdom and glory. God Bless you!

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    October 28, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    What a fantastic testimony for so many who are hurting. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am sharing it with others who receive our church bulletin (not just within our church)……..In these times, so many are coming under spiritual attack or attack from our society ………Your words are a breath of encouragement……

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