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When a young single girl gets a positive pregnancy test, she is scared and confused. A lot of times, she doesn’t know what to do with the baby or where to turn, and usually ends up frantically searching for information on the Internet.

And that is the reason was created. Our online Christian ministry is a virtual pregnancy resource center that is available to these girls anytime and anywhere in the world. helps these girls find life-affirming information that we hope helps them to choose life for their baby. On the website and social media, she’ll find thousands of personal stories from girls who have had an unplanned pregnancy and were right where she is at, in the midst of a confusing time. We have resources to answer any kind of question they may have, such as what are the symptoms of pregnancy, when would my baby be due, what is going on inside my body, how do I tell my parents. We connect women anywhere in the world with one of our over 2,200 faith-based pregnancy centers in their neighborhood, where they can get an ultrasound and see that they have a human life growing inside of them. They can then have a confidential face-to-face talk with loving staff members at the center. We also have a list of maternity homes where women can live up to a year after their child is born, and even be provided with life skills, parenting classes and a job.

It’s a difficult, turbulent time for any woman going through this. Our staff comes alongside them in their time of crisis and shows them the love of Jesus. More importantly, we want them to know they have a heavenly Father that loves them. We introduce many of them to the Lord and pray with them. We let them know that He will forgive them for what they may consider a mistake. He’ll show grace and mercy, and guide them on a different, and better, path.

Quick response is essential. We have volunteers around the world that operate a chat room that is available 24/7. Women can text us and we’ll respond to them right away. We also answer their emails and private messages within 24 hours.

Our ministry spends nearly $10,000 per month in keyword advertising on Google and Bing in order to draw people to our site. If you google the word ‘pregnancy’ or ‘abortion’, there are millions of websites that will come up. Our goal is to have StandUpGirl show up on that first page of their search, so if she’s searching for information, even if it’s information about abortion, she finds

There are a lot of women that know exactly what they will do if they get pregnant. We truly hope and pray we can reach those that are the “undecided”.

Our online ministry became even more important during the pandemic. We all may have been locked down, but there were still pregnant women in crisis who didn’t know where to turn.

In the past 21 years, has helped 54 million people with life affirming resources through the website. And we’ve had over 70 million Facebook interactions. Between 8,000-10,000 girls and women visit our webpage every single day. We’ve touched every country in the world that has access to the Internet.

We don’t feel like we are just saving a baby. We are helping women in crisis see they have a beautiful human being growing inside of them. And there are so many women that regret having an abortion; we feel like we are saving them and providing them with hope and the healing of Jesus Christ.

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