Adoption/Foster Care Children


In the depths of my heart, a fire burned—a calling that could not be ignored. As a single mom, life had dealt its blows, but my faith in Christ remained my anchor. With trepidation and trust, I opened my home to foster children, answering God’s whispered invitation.

Jamal and La’ Velle were the first, their laughter filling my once-empty rooms. Together, we journeyed—a dance of laughter, tears, and victories. In doubt, I turned to prayer, finding solace in God’s unchanging love and His call to care for the vulnerable.

More children came, each carrying their own stories of shattered dreams. In our togetherness, love became our tapestry of healing. Weariness threatened, but Christ renewed my spirit, reminding me of His purpose in my labor of love.

My home became a sanctuary, where laughter mingled with tears. Some found permanence through adoption, forever etching themselves upon my heart.

In reflection, I am humbled by the transformative journey, a testament to Christ’s love and the power of redemption. As I continue, I carry the torch of love, blessed beyond measure. Each life touched is a recipient of grace. In our shared space, they find healing and a glimpse of the Divine.

In the symphony of life, my role as a foster parent is but a verse, a melody harmonizing with the grand symphony of creation. Driven by my soul’s whispers and guided by Christ’s love, I trust that my labor makes a difference—one child, one heart at a time.

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