• Adoption/Foster Care Children


    I did not grow up a Christian or in a Christian household. But my spiritual life dramatically changed when I met my future wife, since she was very grounded in her Christian faith. She is a teacher and has always worked with young children, so loving kids was always in her heart. Even before we had our four biological children, we always talked about adopting a child at some point. We thought a good first step would be to become a foster family to kids looking for a forever family. Our family ended up fostering two brothers, and I could… Read More

  • Children Financial Help


    When you are a young social worker who calls on families in a poor neighborhood, you see a number of things that break your heart. Some of these families have so little in life. One of my families has five children and just one toy between them to share. Kids learn how to deal with other people through play and toys, since it engages so many of our senses and builds confidence. But this family had just a single toy. My heart was heavy for these kids who had so little. I prayed about what to do, and felt like Jesus was… Read More

  • Children Prayer


    This winter season our family got bamboozled by 2017's epic virus infestation. It felt like we were in an underground bunker for weeks on end, surrounded by snot-infested tissues, fevers, vomit, screaming toddlers, and so little sleep. It was torture. When my kids are sick, I feel helpless, heartbroken, small and extremely tired. It's in moments like these I realize I have very little control in life, and this truly results in lots of prayer. Even though I desire control, I ultimately feel relief knowing Jesus "takes the wheel"--especially since half the time I'm just wondering where my keys are… Read More

  • Children Homeless Labor


    It's amazing what God can do creating something glorious out of our ashes. I went through hell and back several years ago, losing my mom to brain cancer, then my dad to the same disease, and a month later, my grandpa to a freak accident. But, what I've learned out of these losses is that God is real. He is true. And His relationship with us is truly one-on-one. The only formula that dictates our relationship is the one that He designed. I also came to the humble realization that each person lives in his or her own struggles and… Read More

  • Children Mission Work


    From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to be a missionary. Finally, God opened a door for me. After spending 30 years in special education, I retired in August 2015 and began working with Real Hope for Haiti, a medical mission primarily serving malnourished children. I homeschool the children of the missionaries serving at RHFH. After my teaching responsibilities end for the day, I am blessed to have opportunities to love and serve the precious children healing in the clinic. I spend nine months of the year in Haiti and then come back to the United States… Read More

  • Children Unique Ministries


    I am a retired florist, but I still love working and being as active as I can. It helps me feel purpose to "give back" to others. I began asking the Lord what my retirement years should look like--how I could continue to honor Him with my gifts and talents. My church has "adopted" a local school in our community that we serve in many ways: furnishing backpacks, handing out food, supplying coats for the winter. One thing that interested me was reading with children who are behind at school and don't have parents heavily involved in their lives. We… Read More

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