• Prayer


    I'm nine weeks pregnant, and it is tough. It's not just the sloth-like tiredness, constant nausea, or the treacherous vomiting. It's especially difficult because I am so afraid of having another miscarriage. The other day, my husband brought home a maternity shirt, which was so thoughtful of him (and the shirt was surprisingly cute), but I was unable to fully enjoy it because I was afraid of losing this baby. The questions, "will I get to wear this shirt" and "will I remain pregnant", kept running through my mind. We heard about our church's Holy Spirit Conference and decided to… Read More

  • Children Labor Prayer


    I work in the NICU at a large hospital in the heart of the city. When children are born with deficiencies, they are sent to my unit. It is here that I take their vitals, feed them, change them, give them medicine, and most importantly, love on them and pray for them each day. Some of these children have parents who stop by regularly, and some have parents that are out of the picture. I see both happy and sad situations as well as outcomes every day. Regardless of the circumstance, I treat each child as if he or she were my very… Read More

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