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Arriving home on my 21st birthday to a house filled with my beloved family, the air buzzed with anticipation of a joyous celebration. Little did I know that this day would forever be etched in my memory as a pivotal one. With a heavy heart and trembling voice, my dad mustered the courage to utter the words that had consumed our thoughts for the past hour, “She has cancer.”

The atmosphere instantly shifted from jubilation to a profound silence, punctuated only by the collective tears and anguished expressions of my loved ones. What was to be a celebration turned into a prayer meeting, a pleading with God for healing.

Through intensive treatment, I emerged victorious, igniting an unyielding desire to serve others. Following my recovery, I found comfort and fulfillment as a children’s minister within my local church.

Driven by a passion for healthcare, I pursued a career as a registered nurse and embarked on the journey to become a nurse practitioner. However, as I prepared to take this next step, the shocking news of another lymphoma diagnosis rattled my world. It seemed like an insurmountable setback. As the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, the bleak battle took its toll on my body, mind, and spirit.

In the despair of my own suffering, I found myself drawing closer to Jesus, my Savior and Comforter. His presence became more than a mere belief; it became a tangible reality that carried me through the darkest nights. The intimacy we shared during those moments of anguish was unlike anything I had experienced before; a divine embrace that whispered reassurances of His unwavering love and His gentle hand guiding me through the storm.

I rejoice in the fact that today, my cancer is no more. Reflecting on the winding path that led me from diagnosis to recovery, I am humbled by the unyielding grace that carried me through.

I now dedicate my life to serving others as a Nurse Practitioner, combining the art and science of medicine with the compassion and the hope of Jesus that can only come from having walked the immense pain of suffering myself. In this sacred role as a healthcare provider, I have been given a unique perspective that bridges the gap between the sterile confines of a medical facility and the intimate struggles of those under my care. I understand the fears, the doubts, the heartbreak, and the desperate longing for healing within the hearts of my patients. As I step into each day serving my community as a Nurse Practitioner, I carry with me the knowledge that I am an instrument of God’s healing.

But my journey does not end within the confines of the clinic. In addition to my professional endeavors, I have embraced the music ministry within my church. With the gifts He’s granted me, I use my talents to proclaim the goodness of our God. In the brevity of life, I have found a renewed passion to “double down” in my service to Jesus, recognizing the preciousness of every moment and my one chance to live it fully.

And as I press on in my journey, the light of His Word guides every step I take. As a Nurse Practitioner, as a servant of Christ, and as a living testimony to His faithfulness, I will continue to serve, to heal, and to share the transformative power of God’s Word with all who cross my path.

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    Alicia Holmes
    May 17, 2023 at 12:49 pm

    What a testimony! What I wouldn’t give to be a patient of a woman of God like you!

  • Reply
    Priscilla Ojambo
    May 19, 2023 at 7:08 am

    Thank you for the inspiration and serving God

  • Reply
    Reena Jattan
    May 22, 2023 at 3:29 pm

    Blessings upon your life. Truly a remarkable Testimony

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