Overcoming Obstacles


While Kenya is a beautiful country, about 8.9 million Kenyans live on less than $2 a day. This can lead many to desperate situations, like Priscar Onduso. She is a woman who fell into sin and despair, only to receive a source of unlikely hope when she needed it most.

Priscar Onduso was born in Mombasa County in Kenya, in a town called Voi. She was the firstborn of a family of four, and her parents were impoverished with no stability in work. Though she went to church, she did not know salvation. When her mom was diagnosed with tuberculosis, her life became even harder, and she would often miss school, doing a difficult laundry job instead to earn money.

Then, unfortunately, her dad was involved in an accident, so she had to fully drop out of school and continue to do laundry to support her family. She finally gained a job as a waitress, but was still living in poverty. Priscar then fell into a dangerous relationship, crushing her innocence. This man led her into a terrible lifestyle of low self-esteem, drinking, and dancing. Desperate for love, acceptance, and money, Priscar became involved in prostitution.

This lifestyle, unfortunately, had severe consequences, and one day, she went to the doctor because she was feeling sick. It turns out she had a severe infection due to a sexually transmitted infection, and it was a serious situation. She was ashamed, and she did not know where to turn.

That is when she met Peter in the hospital. He is a member of the Schools Family Ministry, and, through the love of Jesus Christ, he was able to preach to her, pray, and encourage Priscar. She joined the ministry, and through their contributions, she was able to turn her life around, heal her STI, and renounce prostitution.

She now has turned her back on the past, and is fully committed to God and working through the ministry, where she makes enough money to support herself. She has a great desire to empower women to teach others about the dangers of a sexually immoral lifestyle. Priscar always remembers the true message of Jesus Christ: forgiveness for all sins through His blood and living a life that honors God.

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    Acquinatta Musonye
    March 6, 2024 at 11:45 pm

    Priscar, I am a Kenyan and I know how many women have turned to prostitution to make ends meet. Even married women. I thank God for your life and the fact that you found your purpose in life. May God bless you and favour you as you strive to help snatch women from the kingdom of Satan and introduce them to the Kingdom of light. I would like to encourage you to never look back.

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