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    In September of 2011, the son of one of my marketing clients was struck by a car. He was a very active eight-year-old and had broken both of his legs. I went searching for a gift for him and couldn’t find what I had in mind. He loved his favorite team and was going to be laying in a hospital bed recovering for a long time. So that night, I stayed up until 3 a.m. creating the first ever Roll Tide Activity Book as a gift for him. Just a month prior, I had changed my prayers, asking God to… Read More

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    When I look back on my life, I can see God's hands along every step, even when I experienced a rare brain tumor. Life was going along wonderfully. My wife, son and I had just adopted our 12 year old son from Colombia. I was doing well in my real estate job and even training for a marathon. One morning, I went out for a run and became extremely dizzy. If not for a park bench, I may have collapsed. I found my way home and thought it was just a chemical imbalance. But my wife convinced me to go… Read More

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    When she was six years old, my daughter, Erin, was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease: FSGS. Her disease causes her immune system to attack her kidneys, and slowly, they fail. She is nine now, and we remain hopeful and have faith that God is able to sustain her. But, it isn't always easy. When Erin was first diagnosed during one of her early hospital stays, a sweet child life therapist saw her struggling and feeling down. She asked Erin what she would do if she could do anything in the hospital that day. Erin told her she would like to… Read More

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    Mothers remember anniversaries of the important events in our children’s lives. While I have experienced many good and bad moments with my sons, Matthew and Jacob, two days will forever be etched in my memory. On August 10, 2014, I received that call that mothers dread. I was at home working when my husband, Barry, called to tell me Jacob was in an ATV wreck two hours away from our home in Cartersville, Georgia. I remember rushing out of work, telling my co-workers he had been hurt. Once we drove there, we found Jacob talking and yelling. But 15 minutes after… Read More

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    When I found out I had ovarian cancer, I had been a believer for 10 years and was the leader of our Sunday school for children. My doctors told me I would need to have surgery followed by chemotherapy. I learned what it meant to struggle with weakness, pain and worry on a daily basis. Our other Sunday school teachers created a schedule for visiting me and taking care of me. Our Sunday school kids drew pictures of me being healthy again and sent them to me. I finished the chemotherapy treatment but half a year later,… Read More

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    I am in awe of the way the Lord orchestrates our lives so they glorify Him. My mother and I share the same birthday, and since she passed away, I’m often bitter on that day each year because she isn’t with me. Earlier in my life, this bitterness led me to only superficially care for those around me; I wasn’t able to see the larger vision the Lord had for me. After feeling unfulfilled in my advertising career, I turned to my mother’s profession and enrolled in nursing school. It was there that I realized the practice of caring for others… Read More

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